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involved in the case, people who worked in the courthouscourthous e, defense lawyers, law enforcement. so i was very interested in going through that public but i came here to write this story of the anti-gay hate crime as it had been presented by the national media. i am a gay man. i have been out since the 1970s and it had seemed to me that this was an important story to understand to look at an full-length form. i know those of you who live here are very familiar with what that narrative was at the time. i can just say that eventually i went through some changes in my thinking about the case but i just want to refresh our collective memory here about how this was reported initially. from the very first trip warts of the october 19, the october 6, 1998 attack major news organizations provided a generally uniform account of the crime and motives behind it. a sampling of newspaper and magazine stories painted a harrowing picture. this is first from the "boston globe." shepard, 22, a first-year student at the university of wyoming paid nearly allegedly for trusting to strangers enough at the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1